Walking With Dinosaurs at the O2 Arena

Following on from the incredible success of the BBC Television series ‘Walking With Dinosaurs’ comes the live action stage show. The O2 area seems to be the perfect choice of venue for these enormous creatures to take to the stage. Wherever this show has played the audiences have been amazed and astounded at being able to witness these fabulous prehistoric creatures brought to life. It is safe to say that you will never have seen a show to rival this one and you will probably never see another one like it again. On the stage you will be able to witness more than twenty full sized, large as life creatures from the Jurassic era.

Photo by Angus Farquhar
Photo by Angus Farquhar

A Family Spectacular

This is a show that is not only entertaining for all of the family, it is also educational, providing an overview of over 185,000,000 years of the planets history. As you watch the creatures moving freely and interacting with each other on the stage you will probably find yourself looking for somewhere to hide should they get loose and take over the arena. Thankfully on stage with the beasts is the show’s palaeontologist who braves not only the elements but also comets, volcanoes and earthquakes in order to be able to explain all about the creatures and how they lived as well as how they became extinct. The special effects and wonderful accompanying music bring the show alive to the point where you completely forget that there are at least three puppeteers giving life to each beast.

The Dinosaurs Are Back

Watch as the creatures fight for survival, not only against the elements but also against the predators in this dinosaur eat dinosaur world. Listen to Huxley the palaeontologist as he describes how the Earth changed over 200 million years. The role of Huxley is played by an actor though his script has been authenticated by real life palaeontologists and has been approved by the team at the BBC responsible for the television series to ensure that all of the scientific information presented is as accurate as it can possibly be, so that this stage show can follow seamlessly from what the audience has already seen on the BBC.

The show has been designed for the whole family from age three through to ninety three. While there is no violence in the show which could alarm children some of the effects relating to the volcanoes and earthquakes can appear quite real, and the roars of the dinosaurs will probably take children, and a few adults, by surprise. However, the music and lighting go a long way to reducing the fright factor. The majority of children that come to see the show tend to sit in total awe of the beasts for the duration of the show. It doesn’t matter where your seats are inside the arena your view of the show will be spectacular, though is you are taking small children it would be wise to choose seats further away from the main stage, to limit any scare factor that they might experience.

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