Walk in the Murderous Footsteps of Jack the Ripper

From the moment that the infamous shadowy figure stepped out of the darkness in the back streets of Whitechapel, Jack the Ripper has never left the public’s consciousness. It was August 31st 1888 when he cut short the life of his first prostitute on the streets of London. Perhaps it is the fact that he was never caught and brought to justice or the fact that there was something so sinister about the way that the bloody trails led to nowhere and that he could seemingly vanish that has kept the memory of his deeds alive to this day. Whatever it is the Jack the Ripper walks that take visitors to the city around the dark and eerie streets that were his hunting grounds are as popular as ever.

Photo by Berit Watkin
Photo by Berit Watkin

Eerie and Atmospheric

With the aid of a guide you will be taken through the darkness, not only back to the very streets where the murders took place, but back in time to the foggy gas lit nights that threw endless shadows along the alleyways. As you walk the timeless crime scenes you will be able to examine the evidence, visit the murder scenes and focus on the main suspects in the case. Be prepared to be shocked and appalled by the brutality and savageness of the murders that took place here. When it all gets too much you can take a breather in the infamous Ten Bells Pub where the ladies of the night took a drop of the hard stuff to steady their nerves before they went out onto the Whitechapel streets.

In Depth Detail

The Ripper walks have been devised by crime historians and Ripper specialists to ensure that it remains as true to the facts as possible. As well as staying true to the original case files you can also add all of the latest research and revelations that modern investigations have brought to light. Perhaps there will be enough information available for you to make your mind up about just which suspect was in fact Jack the Ripper, and lay to rest all of the hearsay and the supposition. The walk begins on Tower Hill, right on the boundary between the city’s police forces, allowing you to understand the reasons why he was able to avoid the police every time.

Stay Out of the Shadows

There are parts of the tour which will make you feel as though you have stepped back into those dark times in 1888, dark alleyways offer up a multitude of hiding places where nothing has changed in over a hundred years. As you walk these darkened paths the sound of your heart beating will seem to be resonating off the buildings and your breathing will become light and short, there is still a sense that something there remains unfinished. When you get to the end of the walk you have the chance to relax a little in a traditional Victorian ale house, but what you should realise is that this is where many of Jacks victims took their last ever drink.

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