Cardiff, Capital City of Wales

his vibrant, commercial and university city represents the diversity and uniqueness that is Wales. A maritime city, Cardiff sits along a re-developing waterfront adorned with many sculptures and elegant architecture. A cosmopolitan place, Cardiff offers great shoppng excursions and first-class dining, accommodations and entertainment.
Cardiff is the largest city in Wales, Located in southeast Wales on both banks of the river Taff where it meets the Bristol Channel, and it is a very fine seaport. There was a town where Cardiff stands in Roman times, two thousand years ago. Some ancient ruins still can be seen there. Cardiff Castle was built almost nine hundred years ago. But Cardiff really began to be important when the second Marquis of Bute built the docks in 1839. Cardiff is a clean city,With fine wide streets and many trees.
One of Britain’s friendliest cities. Over 2,000 years of history awaits. A university city, Cardiff is a bustling commercial hub of activity and education. Experience Cardiff’s many fine cafes, restaurants, and lively entertainment. Things to see in include the beautiful Cardiff Castle, The National Museum of Wales, Llandaf Cathedral and The Welsh Folk Museum among other attractions. For the recreational traveler, perhaps you may catch of friendly game of rugby in the many parks throughout this young and energetic city.

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