The Royal Air Force Museum (London)

Located on the site of what was Hendon’s London Aerodrome, the Royal Air Force Museum in Colindale, North London, is a unique place to visit. Within the walls of the museum you will discover more than one hundred international aircraft sourced from around the world. Here you will find some of the very early machines developed by the first pioneers in aviation, and be able to see how aircraft technology has developed until the point where it is at today with very modern and very technologically advanced jet fighter planes. The museum has them all.

Photo by Gary Bembridge
Photo by Gary Bembridge

Family Activities

Admission to the museum is free and once inside you will discover that there are lots of free activities and interactive displays that you and the children can enjoy. The 3D cinema is always a favourite with visitors to the museum, especially the younger visitors. Adults can’t fail to be moved by the highly emotive ‘Our Finest Hour’ presentation which utilises light and sound to stir the emotions in what has been described as a very uplifting experience. There is always something to learn here, no matter how many times you visit, and being only half an hour from the centre of London it is remarkably easy to get to. There is no need to worry about the children becoming bored as happens in many museums as aside from the interactive exhibits there is also a gallery that has been put together especially for ‘young Aeronauts’ which they will find very enjoyable.

Museum Highlights

There are a number of elements that make this museum special, and several things that you should make sure that you do before you leave. For example:

  • Stand underneath the Eurofighter Typhoon and be amazed by the impression it leave on you.
  • Learn all about the heroes and heroines of the skies that have made the RAF what it is today.
  • Experience the multimedia show that brings the events of the Battle of Britain to life and be humbled by the bravery of the incredible pilots that fought in our skies.
  • Have your senses stimulated in the 4D theatre.
  • Find your way through the immense Sunderland Flying Boat.

Plan Your Visit

There is something here for the whole family to engage with and with free admission there is no reason not to start planning your visit. There is no other flight museum that offers you the opportunity to get up close to so many different aircraft. The Royal Air Force Museum is the only place where you can see the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Jet as it is not on display anywhere else. Climb into the bomb bay beneath the incredible Vulcan Bomber, get hands on in the interactive displays and learn about what it takes to become a fighter pilot in today’s air force. A visit here will leave you with a lasting impression of the bravery and fortitude of pilots and air crews from the dawn of aviation to the present day pilots that patrol our skies.

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