The Most Unusual Hotels in London

London is a very diverse city. There is the unique mixture of the ancient and the modern to start with. Then the city is also a cradle of creativity that houses all of the would be artists and musicians that flock to the city to find their fame and fortune, alongside the world of business and banking that finds a home here. It makes sense then that this diversity should also be reflected in the range and styles of accommodation that are to be found in the city. From the cheapest bed and breakfast establishment to the top flight luxury hotels that attract the rich and famous, there really is something to suit all tastes. There is also a unique style of hotel that caters for the unique and quirky visitors too, here are just a few.

Photo by Colleen Morgan
Photo by Colleen Morgan

The Pavilion Hotel

As well as being asked whether you require a double or a twin room you will also be asked about the theme that you would like for your room. You could select anything from an underwater themed room to a room that will transport you straight to colourful Morocco all in the centre of this incredible city. This hotel may not be to everyone’s taste, but if you like to be different and have experiences to remember then this could very well be the hotel for you.

A Hotel or a Yotel?

Hot on the heels of the bizarre capsule hotels found in Japan comes the Yotel. Located at Heathrow the Yotel offers a place where a guest can get their head down in between flights instead of trying to rest a while on the uncomfortable and regimented chairs in the airports departure lounges and public areas. The Yotel is the brainchild of the founder of YoSushi! The capsule style rooms have everything you could need for a few hours and are priced at around £25 for a four hour stay, enough to recharge your batteries.

The One Bedroom Hotel

No really, it is a hotel and there really is only the one bedroom. The hotel overlooks the Thames and has, as you would imagine, a nautical theme to it. The design of this one roomed boat hotel is based upon the river boat described in the ‘Heart of Darkness’ by Joseph Conrad. The room offers the most incredible panoramic views of the city from Big Ben across to St Paul’s Cathedral with plenty more landmarks in between.

Clink 78

The Clink is the oldest prison in the city of London and is a visitor attraction in its own right. Clink 78 is actually a hotel in what was once a courthouse complete with cells. This is more of a hostel than a hotel though, as there are communal kitchen facilities and plenty of social space. The two courtrooms are still in existence and there is a choice of seven cells in which to sleep. If you want a cell to yourself it will set you back around £50, but if you are willing share you can bunk up with another inmate for as little as £9 per night.

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