The London Borough of Ealing

London is made up of many different boroughs, each with their own distinct characteristics and reputations. Ealing is one such borough. The name is probably synonymous to many people with the early days of the British film industry as many of the best loved classic British films were made at Ealing Studios. When looking at London many people see only the history that remains visible and think of nothing being here earlier. For example, we can clearly see the Tower of London and Traitor’s Gate, but London has a history that goes way beyond the 15th and 16th centuries, but because we see no reminders of this past we spare it little thought. The area of the city now recognisable as Ealing was once nothing more than open countryside and forests. There were Stone Age habitations but nothing of any permanence until the Saxons settled here and Middlesex came into creation. At the time of the writing of the Doomsday Book, Ealing was simply a part of a much larger manor.

Photo by George Rex
Photo by George Rex

A Popular Area

Over the centuries as transport links improved, from canals to railways, to trams and buses, more people moved to Ealing to take advantage of its proximity to the city. It survived the bombings of London during World War II relatively unscathed compared to the devastation other areas suffered and is still an area popular with people who commute to the city for work, and a perfect place to stay when you want to enjoy the city during the day and enjoy a more peaceful and relaxed atmosphere at night. You will find that each of the boroughs has their own unique attractions, from ancient manor houses to vast open areas of park land and Ealing is no exception. The rather grand Pitzhanger Manor House is located at the entrance to Walpole Park. The manor house is Grade 1 listed and houses exhibitions and events throughout the year. The gardens offer a wonderful escape from urbanisation and allow you to lose yourself in the distinctive nineteenth century landscaping, including a beautiful walled rose garden.

Ealing Attractions

Ealing is the home of the biggest amateur dramatic theatre/playhouse anywhere in Europe and it offers acting courses and shows throughout the year. Ealing has long been a place where immigrants have settled and as such there is now a thriving café and restaurant scene which offers food from almost all of the different world cuisines. The Polish delis are extremely popular with residents and visitors alike. It is no wonder that with such culinary and cultural richness that Ealing has earned the title ‘Queen of the Suburbs’.

Try taking the views from Horsenden Hill, regarded as being one of the best places in the country to fly a kite, on a clear day you can see much of the Home Counties. Those that enjoy a bit of retail therapy will enjoy the shopping opportunities at Southall Broadway and Uxbridge Road. Southall Market is a great place to pick up a bargain or three every Saturday.

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