Our Greatest Team – Team GB Victory Parade

On September 10th the streets of London will be packed with people coming out to cheer the Team GB Olympians and Paralympians, showing their support and respect for the amazing performances given by the team during the London 2012 Olympic Games. The parade will be taking place only a day after the closing celebrations of the Paralympic games, and the team will be riding high on their success.

The parade will travel from the Mansion House in the heart of the city of London, which has been home to the team throughout the games across into central London. Somewhere in the region of 850 athletes are expected to be in the parade on the day from both the Olympic and Paralympic teams, and the city streets are sure to be filled with tens of thousands of their excited supporters.

Photo by Ben Sutherland
Photo by Ben Sutherland

An Historic Achievement for the Team

London 2012 saw the Team GB athletes perform like never before, never since 1908 have Team GB pulled in so many medals and given so many outstanding and oftentimes breathtaking performances that they did at their home games this year. Star athletes such as Jessica Ennis, Mo Farrah, Bradley Wiggins, Ben Ainsley and Katherine Grainger were carrying the hopes and dreams of the British nation with them all the way, and they rewarded the faith of the nation with a healthy crop of Olympic medals.

Not only have the 2012 games been a spectacular success for the team as a whole, there have also been a number of record breaking successes too, with the team winning more medals from a greater variety of sporting events than at any time in the past hundred years. The success of the team has been described as an historic achievement the likes of which the British public have never seen before. It is hoped that the Team GB Paralympic team can mirror this success and add significantly to the overall medal count when the Paralympic games commence on the 29th August.

Celebrating Success

The parade will not only be a chance for the athletes to show off their medal haul, it will also be a chance for them to thank the public for the incredible support that they have been shown throughout the duration of the games. The route of the parade will take in some of the city’s major sights and tourist attractions, all of which played a part in making the hosting of the games a success. This is a parade that shouldn’t be missed, this may be the last time that the excitement and enthusiasm that was felt in the London 2012 area will be felt in the city of London for some time to come.

The parade itself is being organised by the British Olympic Association, British Paralympic Association and the Mayor of London, all of whom went a long way to make the games as incredibly successful as they were, so thanks and congratulations should also be given to the people who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure Team GB could give the incredible performances that they did.

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