Museum of London

The Museum of London tells the colourful tale of this incredible city and those who live within it.  There are in excess of 2,000,000 exhibits in the collections and it is what is considered to be Europe’s largest archaeological archive.  A new gallery was opened in 2010 at the cost of £20 million which is focussed on a very modern London and includes some incredible and imaginative activities for everyone to participate in.  Admission to the museum is free for all and it is open every day from 10am – 6pm, which makes it a great place to spend a rainy day in the city.


Photo by Paul Hudson
Photo by Paul Hudson

Perfect for Families

There are always a range of activities and events that aim to get the whole family involved in discovering the history of this incredible city.  Parents and kids will see the history of London brought to life, going right back to when what is now Trafalgar Square was home to free roaming hippos and lions – which the children will take some effort to believe, to the arrival of the first settlers, the Roman occupation, the Black Death and the truth about the Great Fire of London.

Try life as an inmate in a dingy debtor’s prison, indulge in some retail therapy along the authentic Victorian shopping walk and get very hands on with lots of different museum exhibits.  Extra family oriented events are always happening on Sundays and in all of the regular school holidays, which makes it a great place to take the kids without costing a fortune.  Events can range from traditional storytelling to art workshops.

Holiday Activities and Kids Packs

The school Easter holidays see the museum turning its attention to animals; children will be able to learn all about the Trafalgar Square lions and get face to whisker with Tibs the mouse hunting post office cat.  Children will also be challenged to find animals that have been hidden all around the museum.  During the school term when the older kids are in class there are special sessions for toddlers and their parents and cares, all activities are free and the under five year olds can have fun together every Wednesday morning.

Stop by the information desk as you enter the museum and pick up an activity bag, the contents and activities included are free to use and suitable for kids aged between 4-11 years old, all they ask is that the bag is returned before you leave the museum.  The Museum of London is very proud of the way that it engages children and gets them involved in discovering the history of the city by allowing them to interact and touch and feel many of the museum exhibits.

The museum is also popular with parents as the free entry means that they can take the family as often as they wish and stay as long as they want without having to pay for entry to different galleries and exhibitions, unlike so many other museums and family themed centres.

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