M & M’s World – The Biggest Candy Store in the World

If you venture into Leicester Square the next time you visit London, make a point of stepping into the brightly coloured and somewhat surreal world of the M&M’s. However if you happen to be a chocoholic it would be better if you went in there with your hands tied behind your back with someone less included to eat their way around the store in charge of your purse! What you will find is a staggering 35,000 square feet of store dedicated to those funny little M&M characters and the tasty sweet treats that they represent.

Photo by Spencer Wright
Photo by Spencer Wright

The Chocolate Wall

Apart for M&M merchandise for every room in your home, and that really does mean every room; bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and just about everywhere else, you can’t help but feel drawn to the huge wall of chocolate that is just begging you to eat it. Giant glass canisters filled to the top with just about every colour of M & M imaginable are there for you to mix and match into your own designer bag of sweeties. Unfortunately due to the EU rules on the use of additives and colourings in sweeties, some of the more unusual and exotic flavours that can be bought and eaten in the US are unavailable to the UK market.

Move Over Disney

Whilst some of the stores in London’s West End can be dull and perhaps more than a little stale and boring, the M&M store adds colour and life to even the greyest of days. When you step inside you are entering into a world of vibrant colour where singing and dancing giant M&M’s are ready to welcome you to their store – no really they are, you’re not on some kind of drug induced hallucinatory trip. You may feel like they are trying to replicate the atmosphere of a Disney Store, but in reality this place is much more fun than that. There seems to be a natural enthusiasm and joy to the staff here, almost as though they actually like or even enjoy their jobs, and how many places can boast that about their staff?

Merchandising Madness

You may find that the kids are eager to buy up the store and not just the chocolate treats, so you may have to set them a limit on what they can spend (of your money). Even the most basic of items in the store come at a price, for example £7 for a simple but appealing M&M’s plastic bowl. The kids will have their pick of plush M&M characters, t-shirts and jewellery as well as other collectable items that they will be unable to purchase anywhere else. As long as you are prepared for an hour or so of having your senses bombarded by all of the bright colours, the smell of all the candy and the loud noises inside the store you’ll be fine, as much fun as it is, this is not the place for migraine sufferers or those with a dislike of crowded, noisy places!

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