London Wetland Centre

If you think that London is just full of famous palaces, castles and fine stone architecture with no nature, think again. The London Wetland Centre is a Wetland Reserve close to the heart of London city – an oasis and sanctuary and the perfect opportunity for visitors to England’s capital to connect with nature.

Photo by Matt Brown
Photo by Matt Brown

Spanning over 100 acres of land, this is the first ever urban wetland project in England. Home to a plethora of wild birds that can’t be found anywhere else in London, this is a great opportunity to get close to some rare birds such as the Northern Pintail, Rose-ringed Parakeet, Gadwall and a number of other interesting multihued birds.

World Wetlands

Imagine being able to get up close in person with some of the world’s most exquisite looking ducks and geese. Imagine being able to admire elegant swans from around the world and imagine seeing a family of playful otters too…these are just some of the natural delights you and your family will be treated to when visiting the London Wetland Centre.

Grab your family and go on a family trail to discover and spot interesting breeds from across the globe. Make sure you’re there for the 3pm feed where park wardens feed the birds. It’s an amazing sight and you’ll all of a sudden find yourself surrounded by a flurry of flapping wings and hungry beaks.

The Pond Zone

For all you hi-tech lovers out there, you’re going to have a blast in the pond zone. Imagine the village pond, but with exciting technology which will allow you to explore more and learn at the same time. Why not take a closer look under at life below the pond’s surface by using the underwater camera? What you see will be a surprise and you could see anything from a goose’s foot paddling through the stagnant water to a hungry snail slowly moving towards its prey.

Have your very own chance to catch some weird and wonderful insects and fish and as you do so the Wetlands experienced and dedicated staff will explain your catch – it’s a fun and educational trip for all.

The Gardens

Breathe in the heavily scented wafts of lavender as you meander through the wild overgrown gardens. Close your eyes and take a deep breath as you hear birds chirp, grasshoppers click, and delicate butterflies temporarily resting. A place of inspiration, you can take casual walks, admire nature and if you’re an artist, why not set up your canvas?

Family Fun

There’s always something to do and young and old alike will love their nature experience. If your kids are whining about being dragged from museum to museum, this may be the perfect break. With special family activities, a huge adventure playground and fun and engaging activities available on the weekends and school holidays, kids are inspired to run around freely and explore.

Adventurers can fly through the skies on their zips, traverse rocks and explore the swamps and tunnels. Not only can they become intrepid explorers, but they’ll also learn through a number of highly-educational interactive games where they can discover how various wetlands are able to filter their water and pollution. Let your children find their inner-explorers, go in search of virtual dragonflies and admire a stunning collection of different birds from around the world.

Come rain or shine, the London Wetlands is a magical haven nestled in the very heart of London and it makes for a great family half-day out.

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