London Design Festival

For the ten days between the 14th and the 23rd of September 2012, there will be hundreds of different events taking place all over the city which will be aimed at showcasing just how important London is in the world of design. The festival will see the transformation of some of the most recognisable public spaces in London by designers and architects of international renown. These are what are known as the Landmark Projects with the pieces being one off, totally unique design commissions.

Photo by Richard Gillin
Photo by Richard Gillin

London Design Culture

In association with several event partners there will be events hosted by established businesses and entrepreneurs around the city which will be representational of the depth of the design culture which thrives within the city. Educational resources will be given over to displays and exhibitions, and there will be seminars, lecture and workshops aimed at introducing both the students with an interest in design and the public at large of what a pivotal part the city plays in design around the world.

International Exhibitions

Not only is the London Design Festival about showcasing the very best in British design it is also both a commercial and cultural event. There will be a number of international companies exhibiting their wares, as well as trade events, design installations, seminars and design talks. This is a place where products are launched, receptions are held, private viewings take place and of course there are parties. The London Design Festival is not only a showcase for all that is good about British design it is also a vast networking event where people can share information, pick up tips, commission pieces of work and of course make some incredible purchases. One of the best things about this festival is that for the majority of events that are taking place, admission is free.

International Spotlight

This incredible festival of design places London in the international spotlight as the press coverage of the event is distributed to a worldwide audience. It is estimated that the festival will attract somewhere in the region of 350,000 visitors this year. The people who attend the events tend to fall into four main categories, the public of course, and then there are the students who come looking for advice and inspiration, design professionals and a lot of visitors from overseas who are drawn to the event to experience something that London does best.

The festival receives funding from a number of sources, some of them public and some of them private. Grants towards the funding have been provided by the Office of the Mayor of London as well as the Arts Council, other funds are raised via sponsorship for the events that are held as well as services that are delivered across the year. With journalists set to arrive to cover the event for newspapers and magazines and other media sources, from around twenty five different countries, London will once again be the a talking point the world over, keeping British Design at the forefront of design around the globe.

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