London by Speedboat

If you feel that the normal tourist trails are a little long winded and you could do with spicing it up a bit, try a speedboat tour.  Speeding up the Thames for 50 minutes will still allow you to take in all the major sights and historic buildings, just from a completely unique perspective.  No long queues, no waiting in line to look at exhibits, and no inevitable gift shops, just a speeding thrill ride along the River Thames in the very heart of the City of London with some of the top comedians and actors in the city as your tour guides.  This tour has been voted one of the ‘Must Do’ things if you are visiting the city, or even if you live in the city, so make sure you book your place on this tour with a difference, it is guaranteed to be an experience that you will never forget.

Photo by David Merrett
Photo by David Merrett

Fifty Minutes of Fun

This is a boat trip that the whole family can enjoy, everyone from ages 4 through too 100, although those with small children and infants may prefer the more sedate ‘Thames River Cruise’ instead.  Speeding along the river at 35 knots you will travel under London’s historic bridges and you will see the city from a totally unique perspective.  All the time you are on the water the boat will be playing music as a background to your journey, and your award winning guides will be entertaining you with tales of the city the likes of which you will not experience on any other tour.

It is not only the tour that is unique but also the guides that ride with you, as you will be listening to actors from the west end and award winning comedians as you speed through the heart of the city, listening to their novel take on the sights and experiences the city provides.

Safety First

No matter your age or ability you will enjoy the ride, though there are a couple of exceptions as to who can take the trip.  Pregnant women, no matter what stage the pregnancy is at, are not permitted to take the speed boat tour, neither is anyone with a back complaint.  As you can imagine with the boat travelling at speed it can occasionally be a bumpy ride, the river is constantly changing and this can lead to some unpredictable wave movements which could aggravate any existing injury.

The trips themselves are tailored to meet the needs of the party on the boat and if the weather should prove to be a little inclement, wet weather gear is provided for all passengers, in all shapes and sizes.  This is a tour that is open for people of all abilities; however wheelchairs cannot be accommodated on board the craft.  Providing that the person in the wheel chair is willing to leave their chair behind and be assisted by the crew into the seat on board the craft, everyone can enjoy the exhilaration of a speed boat tour through the heart of the city.

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