London Aquarium

Over 600 different species of fascinating marine life are waiting for you to discover them in this state of the art aquarium facility, deep in the heart of one of the world’s busiest cities.  The London Aquarium is split between 14 different zones, each representing a different marine environment from rock pools to the ocean floor.  All kind of creatures, from starfish to sharks are contained in this amazing building.  The aquarium allows for hands on experiences too and there are plenty of educational opportunities for all the family to learn together.

Photo by Laura M Bailey
Photo by Laura M Bailey


The aquarium contains over 2 million litres of water that is home to thousands of marine creatures.  Included in the mix are twelve different species of amazing sharks.  The aquarium is split over three floors all given different themes and zones relating to the marine life held there.  Visitors can get up close and personal with all kinds of creatures here with interactive feeding events and touch pools.

2012 Developments

Previously visitors to the aquarium have had to be content with just looking at the final product of the aquariums hard work, without knowing how the amazing displays had been created.  Now in 2012 things in the aquarium are set to change.  Guided tours will be available to take visitors behind the scenes to learn about how the aquarium staff manage to maintain the individual habitats and care for over 600 different marine species.  Areas that were previously closed to the public will now be opened up so that you can learn about how they research and conserve endangered species and of course how the breeding programmes are managed.

The Future

The aquarium is always looking for new ways to give visitors a unique experience and further develop the facilities on offer.  February 2012 will see the opening of the ‘Shark Reef Encounter’ allowing visitors to learn more about these beautiful and often misunderstood fish.  Opening coincides with the school half term holidays and offers a fabulous holiday activity for all of the family.

The shark walk has also been extended giving visitors the chance to walk inches above a shoal of sixteen amazing sharks along a glass walkway.  The kids will be in awe watching these amazing creatures swim right under their feet.  After the walkway visitors arrive at the pacific experience.  Complete with Easter Island statues this stunning display extends over all three floors.  The Shark Academy will educate and amaze and definitely change a few people’s minds about this amazing species.


No matter what your favourite creature in the aquarium is from small and colourful ‘Nemo’ like clownfish to the incredible sharks you will have plenty of opportunities to see them all and more.  Children and adults will learn about different species and their habitats and how we need to conserve our natural environments and encourage the preservation of so many species currently at the risk of extinction.  The London Aquarium is a fabulous destination for a family day out, with something for everyone to enjoy no matter what their age.

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