Heights of Abraham

Standing above the Derwent River, just 30-miles away from Derby is The Heights of Abraham. Accessible by cable car from Matlock, you can take in the breath-taking views of the picturesque Peak District. After taking in the wondrous views of the Derwent River, you are in for an awe-inspiring spectacle as you enter the caves and marvel at the truly stunning sights. There are two caves for you and your family to take in as well as 60 acres of history-filled grounds to enjoy.

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Things To Do At The Heights of Abraham

There is so much to enjoy at the Heights of Abraham. Here’s some background information on the top sights:

The Cable Cars. Opening in 1984, these cars were the first alpine-style system to open in Britain. Since then, millions of tourists have scaled the heights in one of the 12 cable cars to the top of Mason Hill.

Fun Fact: Since the beginning of the pandemic, cable cars have had ventilation panels added to increase airflow.

Wolfe’s View. This is the origin story of this attraction’s namesake. The name stems from a historic 1759 battle that took place in Quebec on the Plains of Abraham. This battle pathed the way for a period of British rule in North America. Upon victory, the leading General, James Wolfe, became a hero of war. Next came the entrepreneurs looking to capitalise on the war. One of these, from Derbyshire, named the Masson Hill attraction The Heights of Abraham based on its similarity.

Victoria Prospect Tower. In 1830, Princess Victoria – the soon-to-be Queen – made the journey to The Heights of Abraham on the back of a donkey. Some years after her visit, a crew of redundant miners was commissioned to build the tower in her honour. They worked tirelessly all the way through the winter and erected the first official building specifically designed for tourism.

The Great Masson Cavern. These two caves started operating in Roman times and were active for around 2000 years. Now, they have been transformed for tourist and education purposes. Along with the guide, you can find out exactly what life would have been like for a miner during this time. At the exit to the caves, you can also find Tinker’s Shaft, which offers a fantastic view over Matlock.

Getting Hungry at Heights of Abraham

If all of that exploring gets you feeling hungry, you can rest assured knowing that you can kick back at the main event – the Vista Restaurant & Bar. Here, the chefs will cook you up delicious fresh meals all sourced from local suppliers. So, after a hard day at the mine, kick back and enjoy a meal with a view 1000 ft above sea level.

Visitor Information

You can find the attraction just a 30-minute drive from Derby, where you will start your ascent in Matlock. Your ticket will include everything mentioned above. For those of you with disabilities, you can enjoy access to all of the attractions apart from Victoria Prospect Tower.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your family and head down to The Heights of Abraham for an action-packed adventure.

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