Camden Beach

Everyone likes to spend time at the beach during the summer, and the population of London are no different. Luckily this year they have a beach right on their doorstep. No, London hasn’t somehow shifted to a coastal location, but it has come up with an enterprising way of getting sand into the city. There are a number of cities throughout Europe that have become regular locations for urban beaches and now Camden has joined the club. Though it may not sound quite as exotic as a beach in Paris or Berlin, Camden is following in the footsteps of Edinburgh and Birmingham in bringing the beach to the people.

Photo by Matt Brown
Photo by Matt Brown

The Camden urban beach made its debut last year and it was such a success that the event is being staged again thanks to the Roundhouse. A full 900 square metre of sun terrace is now home to a whopping 150 tonnes of golden sand. Of course a beach is nothing without all of the amenities that come with it so you will also find a tiki hut, seafood restaurant and beach huts. Live music fills the air, the American barbeque is all fired up and in fact the only thing missing is the sea. This fabulous free facility will remain in place until the 24th August.

Beach Facilities

Having learned a few lessons from the event that was held last year, there is a wide selection of food and drink available from cocktails in the colourful tiki bar to an authentic American barbecue. Of course being a beach you will also find a great seafood restaurant too, bringing a taste of the sea to this incredible urban beach. Visitors are recommended to pre-book for seats at the restaurant so they can avoid the queue. Live music will be entertaining beach goers every Friday between the hours of 8-10pm. All of the musicians that will be playing at the venue are all up and coming artists which have already developed a following in their own right. All are incredibly talented, full of energy and enthusiasm and are ready to entertain the revellers on the beach.

The Roundhouse Partnership

The music is being delivered through a partnership between the roundhouse and Farah Vintage. Farah has been a well known brand since the 1920’s and has always been a connecting factor between the world of fashion and the world of music. The Roundhouse itself is focussed on providing opportunities for people aged between eleven and twenty five, so the partnership is well founded. Farah will also be giving beachgoers the opportunity to update their wardrobes every Friday too when they open up the Farah Beach Hut. Camden looks set to provide the best urban beach experience this year, so if you are in the area make sure you grab your bucket and spade and pop along and experience this wonderful summer event. The beach is open Tues-Sun 12pm – 11pm and Mondays 5pm – 11pm, visitors should note that the barbecue is closed on Mondays.

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