Penicuik Scotland 


The town of Penicuik is ideally located for exploring the city of Edinburgh as it is one of the beautiful border counties. Transport into the city centre is available via a bus service around every 10 minutes so there is no need to face the daunting prospect of driving into the heart of Scotland’s capital city. The historic heart of the town is Penicuik House which has a number of links to Robert the Bruce. There are a number of well maintained walks around the estate that you can enjoy…

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England Taunton 


Taunton is located in the wonderful county of Somerset, famous for its orchards and its cider making. The town of Taunton can trace its history back as far as the Saxons, yet despite having such firmly entrenched roots is very much a town looking towards the future. Taunton houses the main shopping district in the county and has all of the stores that you would expect, from the big brand names through to dedicated independent retailers. Evening entertainment is varied and offers something for everyone from a night at the…

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Crieff Scotland 


Crieff is everything you would expect from a town on the edge of the Highlands. It is located a little west of the major city of Perth and is literally right on the border where the Lowlands become the Highlands. The town was built along the Highland Boundary Fault Line and although it is now a haven for tourists, it was once a major player in the political and judicial history of this part of Scotland. Crieff was once a centre for trade, mainly in cattle. Between the sixteenth and…

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England The National Forest 

The National Forest

It’s not a village, a town or even a city, though it encompasses many within its boundaries. Neither is it a wholly natural forest, it was created more than twenty years ago partly to return the land to how it had been in centuries past, and partly to illustrate the benefits that living and working in and around woodland can bring. The National Forest is however, still a destination of choice for the many visitors that make the journey there every year. This immense forestry project is located in the…

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