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    It is almost impossible to describe the city of Canterbury without mentioning the cathedral which actually holds the record for being the oldest cathedral in the whole of England. However the …

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    There are very few countries in the world that have a portrayed image that is as cliched as Ireland. From leprechauns to shamrocks, Guinness to shillelaghs, there is a lot for tourists to explore and experience on a visit to this amazing location.

    Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland offers a totally different experience to Ireland, however although it is different it is a great place to visit. Technically a part of the UK, there are a variety of things to see and do here that could keep you entertained for months.


    London is one of the world’s most visited cities and has something to please everyone. From history to culture, sports to entertainment there is so much to do in the English capital that it could take years to see it all.


    Armagh is a small cathedral city located within the county of the same name. It has been a popular religious centre for centuries and still today it remains the religious capital of Northern Ireland.


    Cardiff or Caerdydd as it is locally known is a fantastic city to spend time in no matter what your age or tastes. There is so much to see and do here that whether you love sports, nightlife, sightseeing or shopping you are sure to have an amazing time.

    London »

    The National Gallery

    The National Gallery

    The National Gallery in its full glory is visible in the heart of Trafalgar Square. Its collection permanently houses some of the world’s most important and valuable paintings from as far back as the 13th century. When visiting, you can ponder upon the works of greats such as Van Gogh, Raphael, Cezene, Renoir, Monet, Rembrandt, and da Vinci. The gallery was built in 1832/1833. It attempts, and with some success many believe, to outshine Paris’s Louvre. Its sole reason for being is to make art accessible to all with free admission. It has extended opening hours and is central located and extended opening hours. The important thing to remember in planning your visit is not to try and see everything.

    Photo by Rudolf Schuba

    Photo by Rudolf Schuba

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    The London Eye

    The London Eye

    People were initially very cynical when the Millennium Commission told the world of their goal of building an observation wheel that would stand 135 meters over the city of London. However, the London Eye has …

    Attractions in London, England

    Attractions in London, England

    While you are in London you should take in and enjoy one of the many of sightseeing tours and associated activities in London and the surrounding area. There are numerous tours including the Paris Tour. …

    Join the Fun for Three Full Days – MCM London Comic Con

    Thinking of a quick jaunt to London late spring as the weather turns nicer? Why not make it a fun-filled weekend at MCM London Comic Con? Comic and anime aficionados will be flocking there in …

    The Covent Garden May Fayre

    If you have been thinking of taking the family on a holiday to London, there is no better time than during the Covent Garden May Fayre. This year this delightful family event is to be …

    Find the Perfect Parking Space with JustPark

    Driving around in circles, frantically looking for a parking space, you wonder aloud how much longer you can keep up the act before you lose your cool. Between people stealing the only parking spaces available …

    Moneymore, Northern Ireland

    For those looking to get away for the weekend or who are planning an overseas trip to the United Kingdom, you have a lot of potential locales to consider. Many people want to see all …


    Livingston in West Lothian, Scotland, was once a small mining village, housing the workers for the booming shale oil mining industry in the 1800s. According to historians, the name Livingston derives from a Flemish gentleman …


    The town of Carrickfergus is in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, and is only a few miles up the coast from Belfast. It’s one of the oldest settlements in Ireland and is known to have been …


    You know that as a border town Hawick is going to be pretty, but it has to be exceptionally pretty to be the holder of as many floral awards as it has. This is the …


    The pretty coastal town of Troon is located in Ayrshire, around eight miles to the north of the city of Ayr. The town lies on the Firth of Clyde and from the seashore you can …