Visiting St Andrews

St Andrews is located in Fife, in Scotland, and offers an excellent variety of culture, nature and leisure to all visitors. Whilst St Andrews is widely known for its world-famous golf courses, there are many other attractions which make visiting St Andrews a great choice of destination for those looking for a spring or summer break in 2021.

In this post, we will look at three top attractions that put St Andrews on the “must visit” list of UK Towns and Cities.

St Andrews Beaches

Not many people associate Scotland with beaches, but St Andrews has a long and easily accessible beach which, on a sunny day, can be a great place to relax with the kids, or take a stroll along. There is a park near the beach, along with a very easy path which runs alongside the beach. The beach itself is located very close to the famous St Andrews cathedral, which makes planning a day out much easier. The area around here is often referred to as the “East Sands” to avoid confusion for those looking to stay nearby.

Closer to the world famous golf course, is another beach in St Andrews called “West Sands”. This is another long, open beach which is close to the town centre. Lifeguards are also on duty during the summertime, making it a safe and enjoyable place to visit.

Overall, if you catch St Andrews on a nice day, then the two beaches mentioned above area a great starting point for your visit.

Golf in St Andrews

People from around the world come to St Andrews often with one purpose, to see its historic and famous golf courses. There are seven golf courses in total, but there is one course in particular called the “Old Course” which provides both an amazing cultural and sporting experience to those coming to visit St Andrews. This course features in The Open Golf Tournament and visitors can register to take a guided walk around this famous golf course.

Of course, a large percentage of people visiting St Andrews Golf Courses will be keen to play a round themselves. However, this does come at a cost, and sometimes the courses are used for tournaments. If playing golf at the prestigious St Andrews Golf Club is not an option, visitors wishing to play should look to find a golf course nearby, as there are plenty of other excellent golf courses local to St Andrews.

Golfing in St Andrews itself is a once in a lifetime experience, if you are a keen sportsman, and the other nearby golf courses are also a great option.

The Cathedral in St Andrews

St Andrews is home to a medieval, and quite stunning, coastal cathedral. Built in 1158, the Cathedral was used up until the 16th Century, but now remains a historic landmark which attracts visitors from across Scotland and the UK. People wishing to visit the Cathedral, which is located very close to the centre of St Andrews itself, should check the opening times as currently the cathedral is closed due to Covid-19.

However, as with most things across the UK at the moment, the Cathedral is expected to open in spring/summer 2021, so be sure to plan ahead if you are to fit in a visit to this medieval landmark, along with the famous golf courses and picturesque beaches mentioned above.

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